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Library Furniture basic styles FURNITURE OF THE STYLE OF LATE CLASSICISM -"ampir" (end of the XVIII C.)

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Toward the end OF THE XVIII century in strict forms of French furniture the finishing with the antique details receives wide distribution: by ancient Roman panels, by helmets, by spears and by other elements of antique ornament. This was connected with the excavations Of gerkulanuma and the Pompeis, begun in 1755. Appears style the empire style, which expresses the tastes of the military empire of Napoleon I (architects To pers'e Fontaine). The forms of the furniture of this style are strictly design, subordinated to the laws of antique architecture, it is very thin on the figure and the proportions. Material - mahogany with the bronze adornments in the form of the separate, accurately vkompopovannykh details.
For the objects of a situation of this type are characteristic the large planes of the smooth polished tree (in doors and sides of cabinets, sekreterakh, covers of tables, etc.), selected by the layers with the game of texture. Silk cloths predominantly were used for the upholstering. The furniture of style empire style was ceremonial and in essence palaces were filled.
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Furniture basic styles

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